10 Industries That Can Benefit From The Cloud

Cloud Technology is the talk of the town, these days. From communication to data storage and networking to application development, cloud computing is considered a great blessing for every business. It offers a lot of benefits to a great number of industries and hence gaining popularity day by day. In fact, investors are having “Cloud on their minds” because of the wide range of promises associated with it. It has become the driving force in the world of Information technology.

There are a large number of industries that could benefit from cloud, but, we will discuss here the top 10 industries that can gain the tremendous advantage of this technology.

1. Automotive Industry

The contemporary automotive industry is shifting on highly advanced technologies like the Internet of things, cloud indigenous applications, and devising a broad range of software development methodologies, which with the help of the cloud, can transform into a global powerhouse.

2. Entertainment Industry

Cloud offers scalable resources which means you will only pay for what you use. That means you can easily supervise projections without making any investments. Netflix is the major example of leveraging cloud scalable features for its advantage. The migration of Netflix to the cloud helped it a lot to expand its customer base without investing more in costly setups.

3. Retail Industry

Cloud superior services like reduced cost, access to huge amounts of data anytime and anywhere, scalability, lesser time and more flexibility, segmented markets, customer purchase pattern, tracking current trends of consumer behavior, and purchase patterns are a huge bliss for the Retail Industry.

4. Education

The contemporary education industry demands more! In this digital era, students need access to their information like attendance, results, and assignment work on their devices so that they can access the required information, anywhere and anytime to keep the record. Also, teachers need something where they can upload lectures and results. However, the budget is always a great challenge for the education sector. And, this demand and price challenge can be easily solved by using cloud technology.

5. Banking

The Banking sector needs the cloud technology in 2 ways. First, traditional banking institutions for the selected customer operations and back-office and 2nd is Fintech which continuously uses cloud-based services to complete in key banking products. Cloud helps banking sectors in finding new ways of savings, new ways of lending, reducing costs, remote banking, new payment options, and a lot more.

6. Financial Industry

Security was the main challenge for the financial industry for a long! AWS Cloud has gained this victory, too, that regularly achieves third-party validation for thousands of global compliance requirements and continually monitor to help you meet security and compliance standards for finance, retail, healthcare, government, and beyond.

7. Healthcare

Cloud health care solutions offer a reliable and easy transition between doctor, patient, and hospital management which improves collaboration. Also, tasks like referrals and completing patient history can be done in a go.

8. Non-profit Organizations

The non-profit industry is always on a short budget and it is hard for them to invest more. Using the cloud, these industries can get advanced solutions, customized services, and help within their budget.

9. Manufacturing

Cloud technology is an economical, reliable, and flexible opportunity for manufacturing industries, too, as it helps in the synchronization of data and relieves executives from the efforts of manually transferring data. You can simply define a source point and anyone with the required permission can get it. 
Here’s one of the Examples of our latest case study with Juhayna Dairy Juhayna Saves $200,000 a Year by Moving SAP from On-premise to the AWS Cloud

10. Production

The production industry needs to manage supply chains and diverse locations which involves large, obscure applications. Cloud allows companies to make a bond anywhere and share essential information. Cloud is an affordable, dependable solution which slashes a lot of operational costs.

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