About HyperOne

Hyperone is one of the biggest hypermarket chains in Egypt. Founded in 2005. Hyperone has 2 main branches, 6th of October in Western Cairo, and 10th of Ramadan on the Eastern outskirts. The current workforce in Hyperone consists of more than 2,500 employees. Structurally, Hyperone is divided into 4 main departments, which are subdivided into 30 sections handling everything from daily groceries to modern electronics

Hyperone prides itself on having maintained double-digit growth for the past 14 years both in terms of volume and value. In addition to this, in 2019, Hyperone reached a record number of 5 million customers a year, with an average of 14 thousand satisfied and serviced customers every day.

The Business Challange

HyperOne operates several mission-critical SAP systems internally, such as key modules including process Integration (PI)/business Warehouse (BW), and ERP. more than 2,000 employees depend upon those structures every day to do their jobs. The organization needed extra enterprise agility to reply to increasing requests from internal SAP users, also desired to decrease some of its capital costs.
The business enterprise has been hosting its SAP ECC platform on an on-premises. but because the commercial enterprise grew, the infrastructure turned into reaching the bounds of its ability, which became compromising the performance of the SAP applications. This hindered productiveness, not on-time reporting, and slowed delivery of key statistics to managers.

The team wanted to find a cloud technology that might allow it to run applications cost-effectively and assist its transition from the management-extensive data center infrastructure to agile services that would assist employer boom and overall performance peaks.

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)

With AWS HyperOne reduce the cost of maintaining for SAP applications and high expectations internally that they will react and deliver compute resources quickly.

HyperOne selected Amazon web services (AWS) as its cloud service provider further to offering price financial savings, the AWS Cloud’s high capacity, and versatility immediately help the HyperOne’s cloud approach.

AWS also met HyperOne’s requirements to comply with data-safety regulations which include ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. The HyperOne security and IT departments verified the AWS security posture and observed it appropriate to host some of the most sensitive data within the organization.

They decided to move its mission-critical SAP platform to the Amazon web services (AWS) cloud after engaging with AWS advanced Consulting partner FORTE CLOUD.

FORTE CLOUD helped Hyperone to select the right instance size and the certified EC2 that meet SAP requirements, the main point here is the price cost and how the AWS partner helped Hyperone to save optimize their infrastructure based on the cost, running hours and as business needs.

The recommendation was working on pay-as-you-go model (on-demand) for at least 2 months to take the chance and monitor the server RAM & CPU consumption on first 2 months or one month at least and try to optimize the instances to a lower instance sizing based on the monitoring reports on AWS CloudWatch. When it comes to business continuity it’s crucial to have the main factors of the Backup and Recovery plans inside the technical architecture starting from the PRO / RTO, HA, disaster recovery to the Automated recovery on the DB level and for the EC2.

As Forte Cloud has the technical expertise they provide to Hyperone the right architecture considering the cost saving on different layer of the environment.

The business enterprise was aiming to improve SAP overall performance, build in greater robust disaster recovery, and reduce storage expenses. They selected FORTE CLOUD to help gain those goals

The Benefits

– SAP Business Suite on HANA running in AWS delivers a consistent, stable reporting and analytics platform.

– Delivery times have been reduced from weeks to minutes and from hours to seconds.

– Faster database request times, that gives users the ability to run much faster than before.

– Over 50% savings in hardware costs.

– Increased storage capacity and Disaster Recovery.

– By working with FORTE CLOUD, HyperOne can ensure the reliability of its SAP environment. They can focus on serving their customers—and not on system maintenance—because of the support they receive from FORTE CLOUD combined with the reliability of AWS.