Part 1| 6 Benefits of Getting Cloud Checkup and Why You Need It?

Just like your physical health requires regular checkups, your AWS cloud infrastructure needs the same attention. Getting a regular checkup on your AWS cloud has many benefits for your business; Including cost optimization, eliminating security and compliance vulnerabilities, as well as helping you plan for future growth.

In this two-part series of articles, we highlight the six benefits of getting a cloud checkup regularly for your cloud environment. The first part will cover what a cloud checkup is and why it is important for total visibility into your cloud.

What is a Cloud Checkup?

A cloud checkup is a comprehensive look into your cloud usage. It highlights wasted resources, security, and compliance vulnerabilities, and gives you better visibility for your AWS cloud infrastructure.

At FORTE CLOUD, our AWS cloud checkup provides you with a detailed report with all needed data for you to gain total visibility into your cloud. We also include actionable insights for immediate savings.

Why is it important?

When it comes to the cloud, any vulnerability could lead to failures that affect your business. So, getting ahead of these issues is key. A cloud checkup gives you the visibility needed to get the edge to stay ahead. With this, you’re assured of your cloud’s health and you’re able to focus on scaling your business according to your goals.

Our AWS cloud checkup shows you all the issues you have and instantly remedies them. On top of that, our report predicts any issues you may face in the future and gives you recommendations to solve them. And with our expertise as the sole AWS Advanced Consulting with SAP competency Partner, authorized reseller, and public sector partner in Egypt, you can rest assured of our service quality. This way, you can focus on achieving your goals and growing comfortably with AWS and FORTE CLOUD

What are the benefits of getting a cloud checkup:

Now that you know what a checkup is and its importance, let’s have a look at the first three major benefits to it:

    1. Cost management

      When it comes to cost management, if you’re not aware of your spending, it’s easy to go over budget. That’s where a checkup report comes in. As it lets you see where you may be wasting resources and shows you opportunities for re-sizing to save cost. This ensures cost efficiency for your business needs now and in the future.

      As an example, our report uses your past data to produce a comprehensive report into your resources and spending. It pinpoints wasted resources and highlights re-sizing recommendations to optimize your cloud spending across your infrastructure. Not only that, but it will include insights into how you can scale up in the future while maintaining cost efficiency.

    2. Improve security

      Today’s digital landscape is fast-moving and constantly changing. Which makes it hard to stay on top of your security and be vigilant of any new threats and risks to your cloud. A regular checkup on your cloud highlights where security might be lacking and vulnerabilities in your infrastructure giving you peace of mind.

      Our free checkup provides you with a gap analysis into your security. It identifies opportunities to better configure your infrastructure to mitigate issues and risks. With hundreds of checks across 35 different standards, you can rest assured that your infrastructure is secure.

    3. Compliance with AWS Well-Architected Framework

      Businesses find it difficult to maintain cloud compliance, especially the ones in highly regulated industries. One aspect of a checkup report is to evaluate your infrastructure across multiple checkpoints. The goal is to make sure it is in accordance with AWS Well-Architected Framework standards. This way your cloud architecture stays updated on any new regulations and best practices that come up.

      Our AWS checkup includes a comprehensive check on your cloud across 35 major regulatory standards, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, CIS, and more. It makes sure that your cloud is following the AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices.


Even if you try to stay on top of operations and business needs, slip-ups can happen. A checkup pinpoints issues before they escalate and cause failures for your cloud.  In conclusion, it pays to get a detailed checkup on your cloud’s health occasionally. As with it, you get better visibility into your cloud’s infrastructure and governance overall.

Now that you know the importance of a checkup, check our cloud checkup services to get a free checkup. Our report gives you all the data you need to have better control over your cloud and eliminate any issues at the same time. Terms and conditions apply.

By partnering with FORTE CLOUD, you’re guaranteed to receive excellent service as we were named APN AWS Partner for exceptional performance & commitment to the AWS customers.

We offer various AWS technology services from consultation, migration to cloud-managed and support services. Our aim is to provide technology solutions and services that are specially tailored to address the challenges of each of our clients’ businesses and answer for their digitalization and process automation.

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