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Application Submission

FORTE CLOUD will help and assist the program members in applying and accessing a long list of benefits that Amazon Web Services provide under its different programs.

Our team will work closely with the program member, to support any application submission, and provide support and communication with the AWS team, to ensure that your request is having the full attention of Amazon Web Services’ different sales & technical teams.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Program Eligibility: The customer shouldn’t be an existing FORTE CLOUD client
  • All customer billing for AWS consumption for 12 months after setting up the landing zone will be invoiced through FORTE CLOUD. Consumption billing will take place from UAE, Saudi or Egypt, all applicable taxes will be applied as per the selected country regulations.
  • The customer agrees to allocate the required resources to perform the activities related to the program benefits, if the customer fails to allocate the required resource, or furnish the required information, FORTE CLOUD has the right to drop that benefit.
  • Once FORTE CLOUD approves the customer into the program, a kick-off meeting will take place online, to schedule the next steps and activities.
  • All benefits’ activities should be completed within 3 months of starting the agreement, FORTE CLOUD has no obligation to any activity after 3 months, unless stated in written.
  • The customer agreed to provide FORTE CLOUD technical team with the needed Admin access to his AWS account during the planned activities.
  • FORTE CLOUD will provision virtual machines using AWS AMD-Powered EC2 Instances (if available in the desired region).
  • The customer agrees to respond to AWS Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) survey within two business day from receiving the survey.